UAE, Middle East and Africa

Our experience of the geography and culture of the Middle East has meant that DSL Global Freight has been able to deliver to some extreme locations. If goods need delivering to oil and gas facilities in the middle of summer to desert locations or to the more familiar ports within the UAE then DSL Global Freight can help.

We service all Middle Eastern Countries, looking after certificates of Origin, EUR1 and any other appropriate documentation. Our partners are used to handling out-of-gauge projects and heavy lift requirements. If assistance is required in Africa or Middle East, call us for advice and we will get your project delivered safely and on time.

Russia and Baltic States

DSL Global Freight has established itself as a major supplier of special freight forwarding services to Russia, CIS and the Baltic States. For customers looking to send out-of-gauge goods to this region DSL Global Freight can provide organisation and co-ordination of goods, dealing with Border Control and all relevant export paperwork.

The politics and complicated geography alone makes this region a challenge for any company, therefore anyone considering export or import from and to this region needs to utilise the services of highly experienced partners.
DSL Global Freight utilises all modes of transport and is familiar with both waterways and rail networks, as well as road transportation. This ensures, despite harsh winter weather or long distances, goods will arrive as planned.

North and South America

DSL Global Freight co-ordinate projects to both North, South and Central American countries providing turnkey services and utilising in country transport, shipping and document services.
Regular shipments to Vernacruz, Panama, Callao, Buenos Aries as well as other Eastern ports are serviced using the Panama Canal or the road and rail networks as required.

If your need is for a container, Break- Bulk, or out-of-gauge services, call DSL Global Freight for advice or a quote. We will provide information on the best ports and method of transportation.

Far East and Australasia

In addition to the regular destinations in Hong Kong, ports in China, Singapore and Perth, we are often requested to deliver into more obscure facilities such as Barrow Island off North West Australia for the Gorgon Project. Because of transfer times being lengthy due to the distance, air freight is commonly requested for smaller more urgent goods.

DSL Global Freight has the experience and knowledge to offer both air freight as well as shipping services to the Far East and Australasia. The distances are often needed to be covered quicker than shipping allows, so using our airline network partners , goods can usually be shipped door to door in a week or less.

Of course, for less urgent transport requirements or larger, heavier products, the regular shipping services to all major Far Eastern and Australasian ports are offered. Regular Ro-Ro services to accommodate mobile machinery is commonly used particularly into Fremantle Melbourne and Sydney. Auckland is the main destination port in New Zealand and this again is a regular Ro-Ro destination for us.

Every so often DSL Global Freight is requested to ship into more interesting destinations, so when we were asked to ship products for Barrow Island we were pleased to provide advice and services to prepare products in readiness for the careful environmental requirements of such a sensitive site.

Western Europe and Scandinavia

Whether it be general freight or out-of-gauge cargo, DSL Global Freight has been co-ordinating the movement of products across Europe and Scandinavia since its inception. In addition to regular routes within Eastern Europe, DSL Global Freight is also familiar with the challenges and distances of Northern Scandinavia up and beyond the Arctic Circle.

So either across the warmth of the Mediterranean or the winter cold of Scandinavia, DSL Global Freight can provide exceptional services to get products to customers on time and within budget.