Export, Import and Cross Trade Services

DSL Global Freight offers a global collection and delivery service for both general freight and out-of-gauge cargo. However, in many cases the UK is neither the original nor the end destination. Our customers often require transportation of goods between non UK borders and DSL Global Freight provides this cross-trade service, including the required import/export documentation.

We can arrange collection of goods from the country of export to the country of import including liaising with custom authorities in both countries. Goods are often subject to import quotas, tariffs and trade agreements of which DSL Global Freight can advise on compliance.

Certified and legalised Certificates of Origin/Commercial Invoice, EUR1 documentation can be provided by the Chamber of Commerce.

The services are offered via all modes of transport available to DSL Global Freight such as;

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Inland Waterways