Market Sectors

In addition to our general freight Service, DSL Global Freight focuses on a number of core industries, enabling it to provide experience, skills and expertise to ensure cargo is delivered efficiently, safely and on time. Our heavy haulage expertise complements our general freight service.

Power Generation

DSL Global Freight has been shipping Power Generator equipment since its inception. From wind turbines to 100te+ transformers, we have the know-how and experience to provide a one-stop-shop, including heavy lifting or sliding as appropriate.

It often requires innovative thinking to ensure that the most cost effective methods are employed to transport and ship these over- sized loads to any global destination.
Our heavy lift agents work closely with us to ensure our customers receive seamless project management and responsive communication.

Mobile Machinery

If you have mobile machinery to move then DSL Global Freight can help. Ro-Ro services simply means roll-on-roll-off and is a method by which vehicles and mobile machinery are shipped. DSL Global Freight can ship by Ro-Ro anything that has wheels or tracks to any destination in the world.

So, from cars to crushers to bulldozers to tanks, DSL Global Freight is able to ship safely your mobile machinery.

Heavy Engineering

Whether it be heavy forged, cast cargo or major fabrications, DSL Global Freight has the experience, skills and knowledge to collect, transport and off load, on time and safely. Our project management team will organise all of the appropriate permits and authorities and carry out any method statements and risk assessments, so that our customers don’t have to.

Working with its partners, DSL Global Freight will liaise with key personnel throughout the process to ensure that multi-modal connections are made and cargo is delivered to programme.

Oil and Gas

DSL Global Freight has extensive experience of the oil and gas industry, from the deserts of the Middle East and Africa to the refineries of Scotland and the US. Whether it is drilling components, pipework or modular buildings, DSL Global Freight can be trusted to get them delivered.

We offer multi-modal transport providing our customers flexibility of speed verses cost, so whether it is by Air or Road or Sea, DSL Global Freight can offer a choice of services best suited to the project needs.